Trout Paintings

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Italian Streetscapes

Here are a couple of paintings I did with my new "graham" watercolors, for my sister who has an affinity for Italian travel. I am too poor to go there myself but it looks nice in the photos.
Landscapes and Streetscapes are a new subject for me that I would like to improve upon. The Canal painting was done rather quickly and has a looser quality I like how the water and the building turned out, the bridge and the boats need some work.
I spent quite a bit more time on Italian Village painting, not to mention it was a complicated perspective tofigure out and draw (still not very acurate). Moving foreward with streetscapes I am going to focus on minimal detail and focus on tones and shapes and let the watercolors do their thing, this seems to be a common theme in the watercolor artist I admire.