Trout Paintings

Friday, November 28, 2014

Jefferson Park Cont.

Here are a couple more paintings from my backpacking trip to Mt Jefferson, this place offers an endless subject matter for a the landscape artist or photographer, and I will probably continue to do paintings based on my sketches and photos throughout the winter painting season.
This first one is a loose study of Scout lake, most likely done while drinking a beer and having kids yelling in my ear resulting in a pretty messy foreground but it helps focus attention on the mountain.

This second one is a painting of Mt Jefferson from Russell lake, our camp was in the patch of trees in the center of the painting.  I tried to capture the quality of light as sun was beginning to set in the west. A wash of raw sienna in the trees, lake and distant mountains creates a subtle glow of sunlight from the right and the scene gradually gets darker with washes of Ultra Marine blue  mixed with some burnt umber and a touches of alizarin crimson and hookers green.  I don't generally like sunset paintings but this one is subtle enough I think it came out pretty good.

thanks for looking.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Chinese Courtyard house

This was a recent painting I did for my sister from a photograph she took in Beijing. I think it came out all right but I am not  real happy with the roof texture.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Salmon River in Fall

Here are a couple paintings based on some sketches I did on a recent hike on the Salmon river near Welches Oregon, a beautiful little river running through the old growth forest on the west slope of Mt. Hood.

This is the ink and wash sketch done on on location.

the small painting based on this sketch

This was from a little bit up stream in the morning there was a mist coming off the river I tried to capture it in this painting. 

I have been wanting to do a simple pastureland scene for a while, this painting was painting from a picture of a Willamette valley farm, it was inspired my some of similar paintings by Joseph Zbukvic I think it came out pretty good, next time I will add cows.

Thanks for looking