Trout Paintings

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rainbow upclose #1

Here is a painting of a rainbow trout up close and personal. Here I am trying to capture the complex coloring of the gill plate while keeping the painting loose and utilizing the qualities of watercolors. I did another very similar painting " Rainbow Upclose #2" which is being auctioned in my firm's United Way fund raiser along with 2 more of my paintings.


  1. Philip, Your rainbow trout has such vibrant colors. This close-up is very easy on the eye. I enjoy your blog and art very much.

  2. Thanks,
    Thanks for your kind words. the rainbow trout can have very intense colors especially the wild strains of rainbow such as the Redband rainbows found in Oregon's deschutes river.


  3. Thank's Rachel your paintings are great too!