Trout Paintings

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Back to School"

This is my latest painting "Back to School" inspired by the wonderful fall weather and that smell of learning in the air (i am not going back to school but many kids are). I imagine these 3 jouvenile trout are on there way to school to learn about the dangers of fishermen, ospreys, beavers and other adversaries of creek life, but from the look of it they are just going to goof around all day. I think this painting has more of a childrens book illustration style to it so that it appeals to people of all ages regardless if they like fishing or not.

I actually did this painting for my Friend Don for fund raising auction he is helping out with. Hopefully someone with a kind heart will buy this painting to help out "Quiet Waters" a non profit organization design to help people with developmental disabilities.


  1. Phil,Hey I like these little fishies. Somehow they look almost identical, and sort of babyish. Kind of funny that there's three. Just an observation.--------SP

  2. Your paintings are great but this one is definitely my favorite. Great stuff!