Trout Paintings

Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Snow Day

If you live in the Pacific Northwest you are probably not working today due to the snow storm. Those who do not live in the area may wonder why can't you work when it snows? well Portland pretty much shuts down, its impossible to drive anywhere the schools close and everyone flips out. So I am going to stay home and take the boys sledding in the neighborhood and hopefully do a little painting. Here is a recent painting I did of a snowy day on a Willamette valley farm.


  1. Very nice! I can't believe you can keep up your painting despite your super super super busy life. You inspire me to go out and buy some paint. I have no job or kids and I can't find time to keep my painting up. I am pathetic! You are so talented. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thanks I have been taking advantage of nap times, and the good thing about watercolor is that is relatively fast once you get started. Some China street scenes would be a fun subject to paint.