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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Art Show at the Distillery

Its been a long time since I have last posted anything, for 2 main reasons 1. its been a super busy summer especially August so there has not been a lot of painting going on and 2. our computer took a fall that busted the hard drive so there was no way to post even if I had been painting, the computer is fixed now so I thought I ought to give an update. The month of August I had the privilege to be the featured artist at the Rolling River Distillery in Portland, a small family run operation that makes an excellent vodka, I got to show my paintings in their tasting room. Here is a link to there site: Rolling River Spirits
 I sold 3 paintings 2 to the owners who are really cool people and one to a couple visiting from DC. here is a shot with me and the Spirits maker himself notice his awesome facial hair
one reason I have been so busy in August is that I have been training for my first 100 mile bike ride so I have been trying to log as many miles as possible with an already full schedule I rode around 500 -600 miles in august (including the 100 century ride), here is a painting I did inspired from one of my favorite rides in Portland's west hills of a old barn on Skyline Blvd.
here is one more painting from earlier this summer, I must disclose I copied this from a very accomplished watercolor artist but I feel its good to do this every once in awhile to try to learn the ways of the masters. While no where near as good as the original I really like how it came out the atmosphere reminds me a lot of a Portland winter.

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