Trout Paintings

Sunday, October 12, 2014

First Fall Paintings

As the air starts to cool and the weather turns wet its a signal for me to start painting again. Here are some of the paintings I have done so far this fall. All the paintings below are a smaller format 9x12 which allows me to do them relatively quick and with not as much pressure as a large painting.

"Canyon Colors" Highway 1 California - this was based from a photo I took looking east from Highway one a little ways south of Carmel by the Sea, this is one of my first paintings with my new Joseph Zbukvic Escoda Mop brushes, these are great brushes to work with.

"Big Sur" from the same trip as the painting above just a further South on Highway 1

"Russel Lake" - this was painting from a sketch  I did from my campsite while backpacking Jefferson Park wilderness

From the same backpacking trip this is Mt Jefferson as seen from the Pacific Crest Trail the lake in the painting above is located in the valley passed this line of trees.

"Go Andrew Go!" this is a painting based on a photo of my friend while doing the Beaverton Banks and Beyond bicycle century ride, this portion was on the Banks - Vernonia trail

"Ocean Side Beach" this was also based on a sketch I did on location at Ocean side Beach, Oregon.

Hopefully later this fall/ winter I will get more time to do some bigger and better paintings but this all I have time for now,
 thanks for looking.


  1. I absolutely love the Mt Jefferson Painting - the colors are perfect!
    (Mt Jefferson as seen from the Pacific Crest Trail)

    1. Thanks Uriel I did that one while watching Thursday night football it was a boring game.