Trout Paintings

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dance of the Brookies

This painting was inspired by my recent backpacking trip, where I learned more about my friend the Brook trout. The Brook trout seems to be a very fun loving fish, always
frolicking about the lake jumping without a care in the world. Their variety of festive colors are also fun and what makes them one of my favorite fish to paint.

In this painting I tried to loosen up, paint faster and let the watercolors do their thing. Letting colors run together sometimes gives unexpected results, but thats the beauty of watercolors.

Watercolor 15x22 Limited print of 50 - $75


  1. Hey Phil,

    Thank you for the kind words and stopping by! I appreciated!

    Your watercolors are wonderful! I love the brook trout series... it remind me a smoky trout I caught couple years ago. I am actually thinking about doing some brook trout drawings as well, putting many trout heads on the same canvas is a great idea, just like many wonderful illustration in scientific books!
    Take care,

  2. Thanks for checking out my work!
    I would like to see your Brook Trout series they are a beautiful fish and can vary in color so much and are very fun to paint.
    Soon I will be trying my hand with Salmon and Steelhead since I live in Oregon it seems appropriate. (I will need to buy some larger watercolor paper)

    I will be keeping an eye on your work.
    Happy fishing,