Trout Paintings

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Release the Brown Trout

This is another watercolor where I experimented with the background and worked in a subtle reflection off the water. I do not like paintings where the background visually overpowers the trout, so I kept the colors of the water toned down with not much detail to keep the attention on the trout. I was also experimenting using maskit to create it a "halo" around the black spots, this technique still needs some work but I like the affect this will be very helpful for brook trout.
(You might notice the stray caudal fin on the left side of the painting, not sure what I was thinking this started out as more of a sketch and then turned into a painting)

Water Color 9X12" limited print of 50 - 75$ contact me if you are interested in the original

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  1. I enjoy this image. The unfinished hand and other parts are interesting.