Trout Paintings

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Favorite Trout that's not a Trout

Here is a painting of the Brook Trout my wife caught at rock lakes. The Brook trout is one of my favorites even though it's not really a trout but a Char. I love the brook trout's intense colors the bright orange/red belly and the dark green almost black back. The Brook trout's yellow spots however pose a challenge when painting it, next time I will use a "maskit" for the spots. I am also not too happy with the head its a little strange but over all its a decent rendering of the fish.

9"x 12" Water Color, Limit print of 50 = 50$


  1. Phillip,
    Love your work! Janét's fish is beautiful.
    I actually have a picture of a 34 lb fish, (I think it's a steel head), my brother caught on 10 lb test from the shore of Umpqua River. He's very proud of it. Maybe someday when I have the dough you could paint it.
    Alice Francis

  2. Thanks Alice for your kind words. Janet does catch very nice fish.
    A 34lb steelhead would be huge but definitely possible for the Umpqua. I could paint the steelhead but I would probably need to get bigger water color paper.